About Us

At BRIX26, our passion is to find California's best limited production wines for our clients. With the number of wineries exploding in California, it can be overwhelming for wine-lovers to keep up with the latest and greatest. That's where we come in. We search the state, and the rest of the country, to bring you the most exceptional wines we can find from family-operated wineries. We taste hundreds of wines, and only the top 10% make it to our website.
  • You’ll have an inside connection to the best of California wine
  • We're about creating long-term relationships with our customers
  • The most exceptional wines we can find from family-operated wineries

We’re not just about selling wine

So, What's In A Name?

BRIX is the measure of sugar level in grapes, which the winemaker uses to decide the perfect time to harvest the grapes to start making wine. The number 26 represents the "perfect ripeness" in many of California's finest wines.

Meet our founder, Peter Langenstein