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Sans Liege 2015 'The Offering' Red, Santa Barbara County


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Fantastic new discovery                          
Fantastic new discovery!
 The latest offering from Sans Liege's Curt Schalchlin, the "Offering" is a blend of 47% Grenache, 33% Syrah, 19% Mourvedre and 1% Viognier. Darkly stylish label art, darkly stylish Grenache blend in the bottle. Highly recommended.

Winemaker Notes:  "Running through the kitchen you eye the blueberry pie, steam still rising, on the window sill. Your mom sees the mischievous look in your eye and shoos you away with her dish towel. The pie’s scent mixes with the aromas of rainbow peppercorn, tapenade and fresh picked strawberries which sit in a bowl on the table. With a screech the screen door slams and you pick up your Schwinn with the new tires and take off. Flying around the corner you get a whiff of the ocean and the seaweed drying on the sand only a few blocks away. You reach the hideout; your friends have already started the game - cards in hand and a pile of beef jerky & tootsie rolls on the table."

OK, so we're not sure what all of that means, but we just love this wine, and have been taking it to to every tasting where it consistently blows away the competition. Highly recommended!


Type: Other Reds

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