temperature controlled shipping


We would like to thank you for your recent order! Your order is scheduled to ship via our Temperature Controlled Shipping Program – Here's a quick overview of what to expect. It will help answer some tracking questions you may have while awaiting delivery:
  • Temp controlled orders are shipped out once a week from our Napa, CA fulfillment center. Depending on the day you have placed your order, and the wines availability, a few days may pass before you order can be picked up and shipped. 

  • All orders are stored in air-conditioned facilities prior to shipment and transported in temperature controlled trucks (55 degrees) until they arrive at a regional shipping hub.

  • We contract with private carriers to provide Temperature Controlled Shipping services. These carriers do not currently provide tracking capabilitiesAs a result, you will not be able to track your shipment until it reaches your closest regional shipping hub. We'll send you a notification however when it leaves our warehouse and begins its journey. Approximate time between leaving our warehouse and reaching your regional hub is about 5-7 business days. Sometimes a little more, or a little less – This is an approximation.  

  • Once your order arrives at the regional hub the shipment will be transported to the closest UPS center, and you will be updated with a UPS tracking number. We may hold your shipment in the temperature controlled regional hub until a Monday in order to preserve the wine. 

  • The last leg of the journey (local delivery) is via standard UPS ground and will not be refrigerated, please try to receive your order on the first attempt.